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If you’re wondering, “Will I belong at the Shtiebel?” our answer is — we really hope so! We strive to be a radically inclusive modern orthodox shul. We welcome folks of all abilities, identities, racial and ethnic identity, backgrounds and Jewish experiences to be a part of the Shtiebel and help us build our spiritual home together.

If you have any questions that you would like answered in advance of your visit, or if you would like to be connected to a Shtiebel guide who can talk to you about our community, please do not hesitate to reach out!

We are proud to be part of the Welcoming Shul’s Project led by Eshel, an organization that envisions a world where Orthodox LGBTQ individuals can live out their lives in the Orthodox communities of their choice. There is a seating section with signage reserved for nonbinary community members.

We also know that many people who do not identify as Jewish might be looking for ways to participate in Jewish prayer and community events. We want to emphasize that people of all backgrounds are welcome to join us at the Shtiebel

Accessibility Notes:

There are 17 stairs (with three landings) to get up to our main shul. 

While our vertical platform lift is not quite yet installed (we plan to finish the install by February 2024!) we’ve acquired the Genesis Mobile Stairlift for those who need assistance getting up the stairs. It functions like a wheelchair but with treads that climb up the stairs. It requires someone to stabilize it as it goes up the stairs. If you would like to test or try out the technology before you arrive, please reach out and we will make time for you to come by. Service animals are welcome. We have air filters throughout the davening space on the second floor.

Physical Safety:

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by community volunteers who are trained to and a professional security guard. They are keeping an eye out for our community both regarding security and emergency preparedness. They also know the location of our medical supplies if something is needed.


Our restrooms are single occupancy, and the lower level restrooms have grab bars for those who need assistance. There is a restroom with a changing table on both the shul level and the lower level. You’ll be able to find necessities like baby wipes, tampons, Depends, and pads in the restrooms as well.

Sight Aids and Ear Protection

Large-print siddurim and magnifying sheets are available at the entrance to our davening space for anyone who wishes to use them.  We also have multiple sets of hearing protection earmuffs for anyone who is sensitive to noise.

Alternative Spaces:

Shul can be long! Sometimes, we need a breath, a reflective moment to be away from the crowd. Sometimes, we’d like our kids to be in shul with us  and we’d prefer to be upstairs near shul than in the Youth and Family Center on the Lower Level - but the littles (or their caregivers!) may need some time away from the main room. Therefore, there are some spaces to know about that can be resources for you:

  • Infant Care/Privacy Room: This is a small room that locks that you can use for nursing, feeding an infant or administering medication. It is also a quiet room to reset if you or your child need a sensory break.

  • Community Gathering Room/Beit Midrash: This room serves a multi-purpose role. During davening, it serves as a place to get coffee, tea, and to take a schmooze break. It also is the spot to go for those caregivers who want to pop in and out of davening with their little ones. There will be toys present in the room for the littlest Shtiebelers. After davening, it serves mostly as a learning space.

  • Beit Midrash: The walls of our space are lined with Sefarim/books of all shapes and sizes. You can go and retrieve a book during davening from any shelf regardless of mechitza side - the sides of the space are meant to function as an aisle. Please refrain from chatting or davening in the aisles so we can maintain movement for all.

Tallitot and Siddurim:

While we have a few extra tallitot, please bring your own if you wish to wear one. The Shtiebel has plenty of Koren Siddurim, and we will be announcing page numbers from there. If you wish to use a different Siddur, please bring your own!

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