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Women's Talmud Project

On October 25, we begin Masechet Niddah. With the generous support of the The Covenant Foundation, the South Philadelphia Shtiebel will launch the Greater Philadelphia Women's Talmud Project.

As a community, in conjunction with a the adopt-a-daf initiative of the world-wide study of the Talmud through הדרן - קול נשי בשיח התלמודי Hadran, we have taken on the entirety of Masechet Niddah. Rabbanit Dasi will be teaching each daf around Greater Philadelphia at a different location each day. If you would like to join her for any of the pages, she can come to you—I would love for you to be a part of this celebration. Stay tuned for other special classes on the themes found in Masechet Niddah, Talmud study in general, and an exciting Shabbaton about the changing nature of Torah study in the 21st century. With the exclusion of a few learning and gathering opportunities for women only, these classes will be open to all.

To learn more about where classes are being held, in addition to learning when events are taking place, check our calendar of join the group on Facebook: Greater Philadelphia Women's Talmud Project

Fri, November 27 2020 11 Kislev 5781