Shabbat B'Shalach, January 14-15

In light of rising caseloads nationally and locally, the Shtiebel Medical Team has instituted additional temporary guidelines for davening indoors, which we will do this week as the weather is anticipated to be between 20-30 degrees. 

Additional temporary guidelines include: 
-6 feet of distancing throughout services
-capacity limit at 40
-open windows and air filter 
-use of surgical masks (will be provided at shul), KN95s, or N95s only indoors at all times. 

Friday night:
4:41pm Candle lighting
5:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat Day:
8:15am Daf Yomi
9:00am Shacharit
~11:15am light outdoor kiddush, sponsorship still available!

5:44pm Havdalah