Programs and Classes

Come learn with us!  Classes are virtual and open to all.

Art Beit Midrash

Join us weekly for a 10-15 minute text study related to the Parsha (weekly Torah portion) followed by 45-50 minutes of studio time/creative interpretation. 


Daf Yomi

Come learn a page of talmud every day! Sundays at 8:30am, Monday-Thursday at 8:00pm, Fridays at 7:30am and shabbat afternoon in person!



Ever wanted to learn the 929 chapters of Tanach?  Join your fellow shtiebelers for a peer-led discussion every night followed by a song, prayer for the sick and kaddish l'yachid.  Nightly (except Fridays) from 9:00pm-9:30pm.  

Foundations of Judaism

Want to learn more about Judaism's core ideas and practices? Join the Rabbanit on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00pm to learn about shabbat, kashrut, holidays and more!  No prior knowledge of Hebrew or Judaism is required

Foundations (2).png

Women's* Parsha Class

A weekly class followed by a lively discussion on the parsha and how we can apply it's lessons and morals to our daily lives.  Thursdays from 7:00-8:00pm on Zoom.  

B'nai Mitzvah and Kallah classes

Contact us at if you would like to set up b'nai mitzvah or kallah classes with the Rabbanit. 

Learning today is sponsored by Daniel Shemuel Sapon:

In Memory of my late Mother, Rhoda Myra Ginsberg Sapon (b Brooklyn, January 1924 - d Sarasota, December 2007) also known as Rivkah-Milkah bat Rashke Rosel Riva-Adel u Idel Yehudah. Founder of the Maimonides Project to triumph over food insecurity and hunger and achieve self-sufficiency ( c f Maimonides' Principles on Levels of Tzedakkah/Charity) with dignity through the promotion of nutritional education, tasty receipes, and frugal yet abundant food-shopping skills in the context of vegan values and Jewish ethics to promote dietary choices that also avert animal suffering (tza'ar baalei chayim) and environmental degradation, reduce the suffering of poverty, advance social justice and human rights, and lead toward health, harmony and world peace. She was a gifted artist (sewing and designing clothing / embroidery / textiles / ceramics / block printing /culinary arts) a marvelous writer of personal narrative and reportage, a fine musician and singer, a lover of chamber music, operetta and history of cinema, an excellent dancer, and an avid lover of outdoor wilderness trail hikes and canoe adventures. Before the age of 25 she studied journalism and mastered copy-editing, supported scholarly research and publication, attained native proficiency in Spanish, and pursued a career in the bilingual business world, drafting international correspondence, including translation & interpretation in support of import-export transactions, always with a deep understanding of socio-cultural dynamics, She was editor & business adminstrator or a small press publishing a programmed-learning text for world-language istruction and its associated firm marketing novel laboratory and instructional apparatus for instruction and research in behavioral approaches to supporting teaching and learning. A devoted wife and mother, Rhoda raised four multi-lingual/multi-cultural children to lead religiously and spiritually committed lives in community, while travelling widely in Europe and the USA, living in Mexico, Spain, Scotland, Italy and elsewhere. She supported the rescue of abandoned books in Yiddish, supported surgery for children born with simple facial deformities, enabling them to speak and to smile. She was always looking for Tzedakkah opportunities , locally, at ground level. Deeply devoted to her Jewish Heritage, her greatest passions included -- through friendship, cooperation, generosity and kindness -- overcoming racism and bigotry, fighting poverty and hunger, promoting social justice, ethically-based dietary choices, defending the pristine wilderness and finding spiritual beauty in nature; in all of these she saw underlying Divinity and abundant hope for a better world. More precious than wit or skill, she taught that Kindness was the true heart of every matter. May her memory be for a blessing.