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Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, The South Philadelphia Shtiebel joins many other organizations as we face an uncertain future. As we navigate the road to what Jewish gathering spaces look like for today’s world, we continue to be guided by our overarching principles. 

A few months in, we have been hard at work, trying to keep people connected through daily and weekly online gatherings and Torah study, drop-by visits, curated connections, deliveries, and phone calls.  We are proud that we closed our doors early on, even before it was mandated, to protect human life. We will continue being guided by medical advice as we consider what the next phase looks like, by the principle of pikuach nefesh which is mandated by halacha (saving lives), and by a drive for chesed (acts of kindness). Our community is still very much in operation, whether or not we are gathering in person. We must continue to thrive in the most creative ways, providing different channels to connect and meaning-making. 


We are truly going through a trauma together. You may find that you are feeling tired, unable to motivate, terrified, sad, angry, or overwhelmed. You might also feel resolute, grateful, and loving--and like you need to laugh. You might be someone who wants to seize the day and do all the zoom things and make phone calls and take walks and embrace joy. You might be someone who wants to disappear under a blanket until this is all over, or just take care of the tasks that are right in front of you.

I don’t know about you, but I am all of those things. It just depends on the day.

It all makes sense, and no one feels just one way. My hope is that we can offer lots of opportunities for connection and resources for those who need it. You *never* have to show up if you’re not feeling it or take advantage of these things. These modes of connection are by no means ideal, and do not replace in-person connection. As a community however, we have to keep on trying to show up and stay united in our desire to be back together in person again.

My ask is that we be gentle with each other about what each of us need, and that you have compassion with yourself about what *you* need or about any of the emotions you are feeling. This is new and we are all doing our best.

If there is a way that you need to feel seen or for someone to show up for you, try to tell us. Otherwise, we’ll keep showing up in the ways that we can.

-Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter

Our Zoom Room

While our community is still very much in operation, our physical building is closed until further notice. All virtual opportunities can be found on Zoom. 

Password: 522305 
Phone: 6465588656,,9099867176#

Regular Online Offerings (check calendar as well)


Join us for a nightly Omer count at 9:00 PM, all evenings except Friday night. Join the Omer Reminder WhatsApp group for reminders and insights. 


Join Rabbi Joshua Frankel for a weekly class on the Zohar, Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM. 




Join us in our zoom room for Daf Yomi: Sunday mornings 8:30 AM. Schedule for the week: Monday-Thursday 8:00 PM, Fridays 7:30 AM.  

Don your Shabbat finery, and join us as we welcome Shabbat together. Approximately 45 minutes before candlelighting each week. 

Weekly women's* space and Parsha study class. Thursday nights at 7:00 PM. Beginning April 26. RSVP required.

For many of us, davening at home on a regular basis on Shabbat is a new experience. Check back here on the homepage for a weekly at-home davening and parsha guide. 

Nightcap is a late-night series featuring contemporary Jewish writers. Follow our Facebook page for info on readings. 



Community Support Resources

If you'd like to receive a call to connect with another member of the our community, or if you'd like to make calls, please contact Channa Schramm Lenoff. 

To join a WhatsApp group for sharing support and strength in addition to errand requests,  click here.


Send an email to to ask a question or send a message of support. 

Whether you or someone you know are struggling with anxiety and isolation, looking for advice on applying for benefits, or a healthcare provider in need of support. Click here for more information. 

Leora Cohen Schiff’s law firm (Jerner Law Group, P.C.) is offering basic estate planning services on a sliding scale to residents of PA and NJ to make sure that anyone and everyone who wants to have basic estate planning documents in place has access.  Click here for more information. 


Domestic Violence: physical, sexual, financial, verbal and emotional) impacts community members every day.  Living under quarantine with an abuser is that much more unbearable.  Please look out for friends and for yourself.  The Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA) hotline at 877-88-JCADA and Shalom Task Force hotline at 888-883-2323 are open.  

Click here to learn more about local volunteer opportunities. 

Visit the JRA for volunteer opportunties If you are in need of a box of food, please email 




More Links

One should take a break from the “new” daily grind to give themselves a few minutes to clear their mind, have some space, and simply breathe. 

There is nothing wrong in asking for helping during times like these (or ever). If you are struggling with any part of the current situation, reach out to those that you feel comfortable and safe with to just talk. If you are in need of additional support, we can assist in finding you a mental health professional based on your needs, location, and financial situation. COVID-19 Page COVID-19 Manage Anxiety & Stress

Creative Connection and Solo Quarantine Activites

1. A list of board games available for free on the internet. Actually it's not just board games but also card games, solo games, social deduction games, multiplayer online role playing games, etc. 

2. Videos of people walking around various international cities.


Other Resources


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