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Meet Our Team!

At the South Philadelphia Shtiebel, we are blessed with a wonderful Board, Team Leads and staff. For the last 18 months, we’ve been focusing on creating and sharpening systems to ensure that this holy and wonderful place can thrive through a diverse ecosystem of leadership.

Our Staff

For many inquiries, our Shtiebeler Engagement Coordinator, Rena Pressman, will be the first call! This includes facilities questions (room rentals, calendar, repairs), communications and website design, and programming questions. 

Megan Marshall is a huge support to our community for cleaning/setup, food prep, and volunteer support on Thursdays, Fridays, and for post-Shabbat cleanup. 

Our Volunteer Team Leads

At the South Philadelphia Shtiebel, we are blessed with a community of devoted volunteers who generously give of themselves to help us fulfill our sacred vision of community. Our volunteers all work in alignment towards the same sacred goals and are part of the impact the Shtiebel is making on our local community and the world. 

Our Board

The Shtiebel Board, are available for questions about organizational leadership and other matters as they arise. This is the largest board the Shtiebel has had to date and  our community’s growth (baruch hashem) has brought a clear need to have increased community representation on the Board.In response to this community need, the Board recently voted in three new members who are based here in Philadelphia and are regular, committed attendees of the Shtiebel.

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