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We are so excited to be building our Shtiebel together and are so thankful to everyone who is part of our community. We cannot do our sacred work of hiring our clergy, renting a space, and facilitating meaningful learning, gathering, and programming without financial support.


Together, we’re creating the community we want to belong to: a community of diverse ages, identities, and backgrounds, where we can support and inspire each other in our personal spiritual journeys and in being agents for positive, loving change in the world. You don’t have to pay to be a part of this - in fact, we aim to reach out and serve anyone who is drawn to our mission/vision.


Becoming a Shtiebel Builder is a wonderful way to support our community in a next-level kind of way. It is a yearly or monthly sustaining gift.


Each of our Buildership options has a suggested financial contribution, and we really mean suggested - our community has very different means, and we invite you to please join with a contribution that is meaningful to you, including by choosing your own amount in the "Build Your Own" category. 


The Breakfast Nook
for those joining as a pair or couple



Roofdeck View
become a partner


Build Your Own


The Cozy Armchair
supporting solo



The Packed Suitcase
join us from out-of-town
+ zoom shtiebelers



Everything But the Shabbos Table 
for the gantze mishpoche + littles


The Drafting Table
hardworking or student

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