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Welcome To The Shtiebel.

Join us in South Philadelphia Shtiebel for learning, gathering, and prayer. We believe in a world where people feel their Judaism in their bones, where groups of seekers, deeply connected to one another across lines of difference, are dedicated to Torah, mitzvot and acts of kindness.

Through prayer, learning and gathering opportunities, the Shtiebel strives to nourish spiritual growth and community connections across experiences and life stages.

Join Our Zoom Room

The Shtiebel’s virtual programming is open to all. The link below will take you to the waiting room of our Zoom room. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Build the Shtiebel with Us

We cannot do our sacred work of hiring our clergy, renting a space, and facilitating meaningful learning, gathering, and programming without financial support. Becoming a Shtiebel Builder is an opportunity to support our community in a next-level kind of way.

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